Hi, I'm Matthew!

I'm a thinker, writer, technologist, and product strategist with design abilities living in San Francisco. I help product teams and entrepreneurs at companies of all sizes think through their products at all development stages. I specialize in developing innovative products for consumers, B2B, optimizing existing features, and looking at how to work with the end-user to create a better experience.

If you have product and design opportunities or want to talk about travel and finance, send me an email, and we can meet for tea to discuss more.


I love to travel and experience new cultures, people, and food. I share many of my adventures in photos and through Twitter. I'm working on the next draft of a travel memoir where I go into greater detail about my travels.

Currently, I'm learning R for data science and financial modeling, developing algorithmic trading strategies, and understanding Machine Learning (ML) and its application for consumer-facing products and services, especially in finance. I've also become proficient at trading derivatives, both futures and equity options.

大家好。 歡迎! 我是孟默修。




我要告訴大家一個秘密: 我❤️台灣。這個小國對我的生活影響很大。我想念自己在台灣有的自由—學習,探索,失敗和發現有關世界的新事物。我可以說是在台灣長大的。


如果您想說中文或想了解更多關於我在台灣的經歷,請發送 電子郵件


Product Abilities

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Design Strategy
  • User Centered Design
  • Usability Research

Trading Skills

  • Probability Analysis
  • Financial Modeling
  • Trading Strategies
  • Options
  • Equity Trading